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Canada Has Changed – Sad Testemony

Canadian Conservative Politicians Enhance Abusive Police Conduct 

Naomi Klein* Witnesses about the G-20 summit in Toronto June 26-27th 2010, about police brutality and misconduct to the activists and demonstraters at the event and afterwards. Using harsh methods against leftist political opposition is part of  Canada’s new conservative political direction, a direction for which Canada has not been known earlier. Canada has in Europe been known for wise and moderate policies in a whole range of political issues, compared to their southern neighbour, during a long period of time. This is apparently history. It is hard to draw any other conclusion after having listened to Naomi Klein speach at this fund raising meeting, in order to help people affected by society’s misguided brutal actions.

* Swedish reference on Naomi Klein’s book ‘The Shock Doctrine’

Resign, resign, resign …

Demonstration in Minsk, Byelorussia – they are many


Lula’s Last Speech as President of Brasil

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brasil claims remarkable achievements during his presidency of Brasil in relationship to poverty and economic development as he cherishes his successor President Dilma Rousseff. 

The remarkable achievements should be scrutinized by anyone doubting them. If  found true, they should serve as final proof that a state caring for the poor and needing is the absolutely most important factor in order to create prosperity and economic development. This in turn would marginalize all political ideologies leaving the poor behind, left to care for him- or herself alone against strong and greedy private enterprises not wanting to pay properly for the work of the poor or wanting to steal the land of the poor. The result of such policies can be seen  in sadly large numbers around the world today and throughout history.

An individual citizen rarely has sufficient economic strength to consider a battle in court against a major private company. The responsibilities of  the state are vast and handled correctly the results are astonishing. The politicians will be the lawyers of the poor already when laws are being created and court procedures will be obsolete.

President Lula and President Dilma are two great examples of lawyers of the poor entrusted by the people to make laws in order to make life better for half a continent.


Russian Senator Sacked in Accordance with New Law

Senator Sergei Pugachov was fired by regional leader Sholban Karaol of Tuva, according to an official announcement January 4th, just four days after a new law has enabled regional leadership to dismiss senators. This power earlier was only granted the federative level. Regional parliamentarians are being informed but left without any power to affect the decision.

Language Defect Intensifies Ethnic Tensions in Russia

Ethnic tensions trouble Russian leaders throughout the federation. Governor Kuznetsov of the Krasnoyarsk region, recently addressed this partly linguistic problem. The term ”the Soviet people” does no longer exist and people of ethnic minorities do not want to describe themselves as Russians. The term ‘Russiayan’ has been tried, but has proved useless due to its close relationship with the term ‘Russian’, so Governor Kuznetsov simply urges ‘friendship of ethnicities’. 

Putin Scolds Local Politicians for Flaw Health Care in Russian Countryside

Premier Putin has made it clear that ‘development of health care’ does not mean that hospitals can be shut, nor can neglect of renovation of the healthcare be accepted. Local politicians are held personally responsible for modernisation of local health care until 2020.

Starting off The New Year

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev and Dilma Rousseff represent the new generation of world leaders. They are the presidents of two huge nations of the world – Russia and Brasil – both presidents have been inspired by socialist ideas, but the ideas that have been transformed into a working model where private economic enterprise is an important part. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a different story to tell and another background – yet an interesting experience as ‘The Governor Of The Great State Of California’ as another of its movie actors – Ronald Reagan used to be introduced back in the 1970s.

President Medvedev’s New Year’s Speech 2011

Russia covers 11 time zones, so in the far east Russians have already listened to president Medvedevs New Year’s Speech (Stockholm 2010-12-31 16:37).  In a  turmoiled world,  Medvedev tries to convey his message in an everyday optimistic style, addressing core issues of every family:

Honored citizens and dear friends. Soon the bells will chime and thereby the year of 2010 will enter history, and along with it the first decade of this century. The past year we remember for its happy moments and for its difficult moments and we hope that next year will be good and happy for each and every one of us and for the whole country.  And we shall together build the modern Russia – strong and open and friendly. We have a rich and ancient history.  And we are rightfully proud of it.

In the same time Russia is a young country. Just reminding that by this year, twenty years have been fulfilled. For a nation that is no age, but children, who were born in the new Russia, are already grownups. Now it will depend on them how the second ten years of this century will be. Everything we do, we do it for our children, to make them healthy, to make them get everything in life, to have them live in a secure, safe and happy country. In the country where they will revere the elderly, preserve the traditions of our multinational people, where they will strive for new goals and reach them. I am sure it will be so. 

Dear friends – The celebration of the New Year has its unique atmosphere. This celebration is filled with special warmth and sincerity. In a few moments the New Year will enter. Let us greet each other and wish each other love and happiness. And may all our dreams come true. Happy New Year 2011!

Dilma Rousseff’s Campaign for Presidency of Brasil 2010

Dilma Rousseff, Brasil’s new president and her predecessor president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – Lula, paving the road for Dilma’s entrance into the presidential quarters. They also have an everyday optimistic approach. The emphasis is put on employment by which other goals can be reached – education, culture, health, fight poverty, the environment, science and technology in order to transform Brasil into a country without misery, but full of work, health, and education of good quality.

Lula cherishes his good fortune, at the end of the movie, to have had such a good team around him, Dilma being one of them, whereas Dilma regards her time as a minister of the Brasil government as a time filled with warmth – a good school for her.

A former leftist activist, jailed and tortured during the old regime, Dilma Rousseff entered the Workers’ Party of Lula and by profession an economist, has served as the chairman of Brasil’s oil enterprise Petrobras before being appointed a minister in the national government.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Last Speech as Governor of California

Ronald Reagan was one of the governors in the state where Arnold Schwarzenegger now finishes his term, is the motor of U.S. technology, economy, environmental development and much more. It has had this role in the world for a long time. The steps pushing tobacco aside in a manner, that was not imaginable until the day, when it was announced that tobacco smoking had been prohibited in restaurants throughout California. Unimaginable then – a normal thing today – a few years later –  in many countries throughout the world.

‘Communism’ – is the immidiate bone marrow reaction by numbers of people and politicians in California, as soon as the word prohibition is mentioned. And yet California is the place where important prohibitions started, restrictions and laws that now are embraced as important to us all. It was in California gasoline for cars, first time was demanded to be lead-free. There must have been a lot of good ideas, an enormously lot of courage, a lot of willingness to listen among people and lawmakers in California.

McDonald’s hamburgers and pizza, the way we know it, started in California, so California did produce a few questionable things too – and then we have Hollywood, perhaps another story, but the influence on minds of people throughout the world has been vast. No matter what political philosophy and ideology we embrace. California and its achievements and influence on world change is undisputed.

Catastrophes – earthquakes, fires, floods have also been dealt with during the Schwarzenegger period as governor – but then again, the means to deal with these catastrophes are at a totally different level than in most countries of the world. Still the budget defecit handed over by Governor Schwarzenegger to his successor is enormous.

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