Abundance of prominent dead Russians

Posted on 25 mars, 2017

Prominent Russians have died since  last summer, and after Obama by the end of his term promised ‘covert action’ as retaliation against Putin. Former CIA head Mike Morell (Aug 8th, 2016 in an interview with Charlie Rose at CBS) explained very clearly how the CIA looks at things, ‘taking out’ people forming the base around for example Assad of Syria and Putin of Russia. When you look at the list of names the timing and consider that the CIA has been able to ‘take out’ people with ‘heart infarction guns’ since 1975, all fits nicely.

However, just before Christmas the Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov, was shot dead. He was not only a key player for Russia in the Syrian conflict, but also very knowledgable and experienced on North Korea after having been ambassador for Russia in the North Korean capital Pyongyang. We all understand that the shooting not necessarily was what it looked like, the action of a single mentally confused young Turkish police officer.

A few days Christmas Day, an airplane with the Russian Army Choir, a long time important national symtol, went down in the Black Sea as they were on their way to entertain Russian soldiers in Syria – 92 died, among which also was the legendaric doctor Elisabeth Glinka, to Russians, not least Putin and Lavrov, emotionally a very significant person.

The Russian ambassador to Greece Andrey Malanin died Januray 9th. Greece is a country heavily pressed economically by the European Union, and presumbably a country in need of new and more friendly allies, a situation that could have been exploited by an experienced Russian ambassador.

Russian ambassador to India Alexander Kadakin died shortly afterwards January 26th, an ambassador of importance in forming Russian policies in the region just adjacent to Pakistan and China.

The head of Russian foreign office responsible for South America Peter Polshikov was found shot in his bed at home in Moscow, December 20th, the day after ambassador Karlov was killed in Turkey.

Even the Russian ambassador to Israel Alexander Shein fell ill New Years Eve, and needed to attend medical care. He survived however.

The head of the foreign office in Moscow, foreign secretary Lavrov and president Putin have been depleted of several persons with important experience and responsibilities in forming Russian foreign policy in troubled regions like Greece, Turkey, close to Syria and India close to Pakistan, Afghanistan and China.

The Russian ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin died February 19th, the very same day Defense Secretary Mattis and Iraq started the assault on Mosul. Russia was literally silenced in the United Nations and could not disturb by troubling comparisons with Aleppo, reminding Mattis of the 350,000 children in Mosul, something that neither CNN nor BBC could be expected to report about as they did in Aleppo.

We can add Oleg Erovinkin, who was found dead in his car December 26th, 2016, a former Russian intelligence officer, and close associate of Igor Sechin, a close friend to Putin. Sechin has by some been regarded as a possible successor of Putin.He was found dead the day after the Black Sea catastrophe.

To the list we also add Mikhail Lesin and Sergei Kirov, both working for Russia in New York and both dead in a strange mixture of heart attack and being hit on the head. Lesin was found dead in his hotel room November 5th and a few days later Kirov died on U.S. election day 2016, November 8th.

Early in September Putin favorite chauffeur was killed in a perplexing car accident, hit by a car coming in high speed straight at him. Some have said it was a ‘drone car’.

And by the way, Russians will never humiliate themselves by making these conclusions publicly, to have the CIA picking any important person and just kill him off like a hen. They go as far as to let foreign spokesperson Maria Zakharova repeatedly go on air announcing that Barack Obama was the worst American president ever, that western journalists refuse to listen. She also explains that things started to go wrong between Russia and the United States in the fall of 2015, when the U.S. openly threatened Russia at a meeting. Of course things could have been very different in Syria and for 6 million displaced Syrian children if the United States had decided to work together with the Russians instead of supporting civil war in Syria.

CNN has reported on this story today, but choses to do it in a quite different way and in a different context, in the connection to the killing of regime critical Russian politician Denis Voronenkov in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital.

More detailed version in Swedish – Russian Phoenix (svenska) – (*Phoenix referring to a horrifying operation in the early days of the Vietnam war killing Vietnamese intellectuals en masse).


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