Biased journalism on Pakistan by the BBC

Posted on 1 februari, 2011

An American has killed two men in Pakistan when they tried to hijack his vehicle. American authorities claim he should not face court in Pakistan since an attempt was made to steal his vehicle and that he has diplomatic immunity. The BBC report with headline and text imply Pakistani authority obstruction.

Does the head of the BBC think that if a Pakistani embassy staff member in Washington killed two people in a street of New York in order to protect his motorbike should be able to leave for Pakistan without facing justice in an American court?

This is one in a long row of BBC racial-cultural biased articles, that in a subtile way brings across the idea that value of human lives in Irak, Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan is less than that of Americans and Europeans.

It would be appropriate for the BBC, that constantly boasts about its objective and unbiased reporting, to quote a Pakistani judge on this relatively simple matter. These killings should of course be tried by a judge, no matter how much any government wants to get the killers off the hook.

This BBC article leaves the reader in a confused feeling of being exposed to old European racist and colonial reporting from this region of the world more than a half century ago.