U.S. Press Tells Less of Truth than Government Spokesmen

Posted on 9 januari, 2011

Glen Greenwald of Salon Magazine on Media Criticism In This Week’s New Yorker

Acknowledging that the episode demonstrated that American troops had taken over the center of Baghdad, Maas explains that ”everything else the toppling was said to represent during repeated replays on television — victory for America, the end of the war, joy throughout Iraq — was a disservice to the truth.”

Maass describes the hidden, indispensable role the U.S. military played in that event — which has long been known — though he convincingly argues that the primary culprit (brottslingen)  in this propaganda effort was the Americans media.  That is who did more than anyone to wildly distort this event.  As usual, the Watchdog Press not only happily ingests and trumpets pro-government propaganda, but does so even more enthusiastically and uncritically than government spokespeople themselves.

The reason there’s so little government censorship of the press in America is because it’s totally unnecessary; why would the government even want to censor a media this compliant and subservient?