This, Secretary Clinton, Is An Attack on The World

Posted on 9 januari, 2011

Senior Arizona Policeman* says Arizona has become a Mecca for prejudice and bigotry, blaming politicians using expressions as ‘we are going to tear down the government’. (*The New York Times, Reuter)

A mentally disturbed person’s attempt to silence ”A Moderate Voice in Extreme Times” , Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, along with killing a federal judge is an attack, not only on America, but on the world. The assassinated judge John M. Roll was threatened to death in 2009, as he drew sharp political criticism when he ruled in favor of illegal immigrants.

Since the Tea Party favorite state has been Arizona, mentally disturbed persons are being triggered by Tea Party extremist values, which in turn increases the risks for people with normal political values especially in that state, to be the target of crazy gunmen, which in turn increases the risk of eradicating and skewing American politics – politics of extreme importance to the world.

Whereas Julian Assange and Bradley Manning have brought truth to the public – endangering their own security – thus being heroes, the man shooting Congresswoman Giffords and killing federal judge John M. Roll represents a real threat –  to democracy and freedom. 

The big task ahead is to bring Tea Party friends back to their senses or at least to neutralize their most disgusting political ideas, instigating violent behaviour in mentally disturbed people. There has to be put a limit on their impact on American political life. The only way to do it is to stay united, strong and fight back using those values president Obama relied on during his campaign, values that seem to have been lost along the road, as strong lobby groups successfully have influenced alternatively hampered or severely tilted the president as well as some of some people in his team.

Now it is more important than ever to speak and think clearly, to speak the truth, and not twist words and thoughts in a direction that violent, potentially violent and threatening voices in America prefer.