Obama Failure Proves What?

Posted on 8 januari, 2011

President Obama has not been able to keep his campain promises on Afghanistan or Guantanamo Bay. Is this proof of a weakened presidency of the United States, a weaker democracy or is it that Obama was not mature enough to become the president of the most powerful nation of the world?  Or is it perhaps proof that democracy works – in the short perspective, and in the narrow U.S. perspective?

Voters that brought Obama to victory and millions abroad are utterly disapponted at the Obama presidential period and have great difficulties understanding why he was not more firm in closing Guantanamo Bay and finishing the war in Afghanistan. Of course fellow democrats also have been proven weak, confused and lacking determination. He was weak from the start, not commenting the Israeli slaughter of 1300 Palestinians January 2010.

The world can after this only live in dispair. It is difficult to imagine that any other future presidential candidate will be able to rise hope and expectations again, after the complete and deep failure of Obama. He did warn us at the start of his presidency – warned Americans and people of the world not to have too high expectations and warnings about the difficulties ahead. Nobody could then even imagine that he would not step forward, but backward in two of those questions he put in most energy during his presidential campaign – the prison camp in Guantanomo Bay and the war in Afghanistan. The Nobel Prize will just be a piece of burning junk hanging around his neck years ahead.

His foreign secretary Hillary Clinton hunting Julian Assange of Wikileaks has made his presidency to appear even more a complete international failure, as she also has destroyed all her own chances to become a future hope of piece and sense in U.S. foreign policy. Whatever good that happens in the world today is not supported by the United States, and the U.S. will have even further difficulties in the future. Every new military operation that the U.S. engages in, just seems to create new enemies and bring about the necessity to build new military bases and deploy even more warriors in more countries around the world.

Still there is hope. If the poor Afghan people has been able to resist the mightest army in the world for ten years after having chased the Soviets off, and after the Vietnamese won a war against the most powerful military machine in the world, and the United States also left Lebanon when they finally understood they were not welcome – we are left with some hope, until the next Republican president, even worse than the Bushes, will be taking office in 2013. The sensible Americans are many, but still too few, since money – big money decides how the world shall be described and understood in American media – demonizing everyone who is not a hard-line Republican preferably with a U.S. passport.