Palestine – Israel, There Is Only One Durable Solution

Posted on 18 december, 2010

The land was sadly stolen by the International community and Palestinians were made 2nd degree citizens in a Jewish state.

The only possible solution is one state – not a Jewish state but a joint Jewish – Palestinian state.

Continuous, systematic and persistent policies of the U.S. government through the years, that by the minute have decreased security for Caucasians world-wide by feeding and breeding terrorism through killing thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan and by just watching while 1400 Palestinians were slaughtered this January without a grunt, and through the extremely unwise policies of the government of Sweden has now made it unsafe for my daughter and her son to walk the streets of Stockholm.

The terrorist in Stockholm – an extremely frustrated and sad ally of those poor Afghans who have resisted the mightiest army of the world for almost ten years – is being blamed – of course and rightfully so. The process now starting up in Sweden is blaming the Imams of the muslim community if this happens again. Very few dare to talk of  the 99,99% responsibility of the United States government for this situation, punishing the people of Afghanistan and Iraq for September 11 and letting Netanyahu get away with just any cruelty.

Stop this now! Create a democratic mixed Jewish-Palestinian state no matter the screams of Netanyahu else we will all march toward even darker ages than this one.